Carrier Services

One of the most expensive and challenging operations a company can do is managing and maintaining a trucking fleet. With so many costs, both fixed and varying (such as salaries, benefits, PTO time, worker’s compensation insurance, taxes, etc.) as well of the costs required to actually hire drivers (advertising, marketing, recruiting, background checks, drug testing), it gets expensive and timely for any company.

That’s where Transportation Resources steps in.

We are the best at providing drivers and resources at an affordable cost with the nuances necessary far exceeding your expectations.


In 2017, maintaining a fully hired-in driver staff may not be a viable option for your business. Is that’s the case for you, why not offload a great deal of that burden onto the best provider of driver services – Transportation Resources.

At Transportation Resources, we staff your needs based on the qualifications your organization needs. We consult with you, determination the necessary criteria you require, and then finally place a fully vetted professional licensed driver or drivers to fulfill your needs.

Transportation Resources has a comprehensive Driver Qualification Process (DQP) that we conduct in order to provide you the most qualified, best vetted drivers. The DQP consists of 5 steps:

  1. Recruiting campaign to find talent. This is done through common advertising options, such as job boards, industry related groups, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, etc.
  2. References. As drivers submit their credentials, we manually and thoroughly screen their professional and personal references to gain knowledge of their interactions with people.
  3. Interviews. As long term transportation professionals, we know what to look for in a driver. We carefully screen potential drivers to ensure they have the right motivation to be a top performer in your fleet.
  4. DOT drug and alcohol screening. We understand the need for having drivers of the highest standard, and ensuring they are drug free and not alcohol abusers is of the utmost importance. We take the time and expense to conduct these tests before ever submitting a driver to your organization.
  5. Background checks. We save you the hassle and expense of investigating potential new representatives of your company by conducting background checks for your organization.

Once a driver passes our DQP, we will submit those drivers to your organization for consideration and, ultimately, client approval. As we move forward in our working relationship, Transportation Resources monitors and updates requirements as needed or required in our contracted agreement.

Available Driver Services:

Direct Driver Hiring. Transportation Resources completes a full screening process and provides a candidate that has been fully vetted, is fully licensed and is ready to flesh out your fleet. This is the perfect solution for smaller organization that lack the time and resources to find the highest qualified candidates.

On Demand Services. In most areas of the country, this service is available. If you are a carrier that has loads that need delivery that you can’t staff on a regular basis, this would be the perfect option for you.

Show Trailer Events. Is your company featuring a trailer at a major event but need a truck to transport it? Let Transportation Resources provide you with a truck and driver to not only haul your trailer, but stay on site throughout the course of your event.

Temp-To-Hire Services. It’s 2017, and more and more this is THE way people hire truck drivers. Before investing in a truck driver, it’s best for most fleets to “try them out” first. While Transportation Resources maintains all the relevant employee services (payroll, taxes, benefits, etc.), your fleet gets the chance to see first hand how our fully vetted candidate fits with your organization.

Seasonal Driver Services. Not all companies have the same workload all 12 months of the year. For some, they have seasonal highs and lulls. For them, working with Transportation Resources to provide seasonal drivers is the best option.

Miscellaneous Services. Do you have a specific need that’s not encompassed in the services above? Let us know. Our management team will work with you to try and provide specialized services to meet your needs.