Driver Services

Transportation Resources is YOUR leading provider of outsourced trucking. At Transportation Resources, we provide outsourced long-term and temp-to-hire drivers. Our drivers are experienced, qualified and licensed CDL drivers (Class A, B & C).

We ensure that the personnel we provide are OSHA and DOT certified. We do background security and criminal checks, physicals, drug testing, MVRs and extensive background checks to ensure you are only working with the best when you lease a driver from Transportation Resources. In order to ensure our drivers are of the highest caliber, we regularly evaluate their performance (both individually and with the input of their lessors). We ensure that from driving professionalism through the care of the vehicle, a Transportation Resources leased driver acts as the best agent for your organization.

At Transportation Resources, we offer two levels of driver leasing services:

Dedicated Contracted Services. When you utilize Transportation Resources drivers under dedicated contract, we act as your one-stop shop for the driver. They remain an employee of Transportation Resources, with our organization maintaining responsibility for wages and benefits, recruiting, any required disciplinary actions, etc. We offer these services in direct partnership with our customers to ensure the highest quality of service with the least amount of employment distractions. When you hire a Transportation Resources driver via Dedicated Contracted Services, we calculate our mark-up based on pay rate. This mark-up takes into account applicable taxes, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, as well as our costs for accounting, overhead, ACA fees and advertising/recruiting costs to provide the most qualified driver.

Temp-To-Hire Drivers. For many of our customers, finding qualified drivers is a tremendous expense that so many want to avoid. Working with Transportation Resources on a Temp-To-Hire program allows your organization to “test drive” our driver to ensure they are the right fit for you. With this program, we offer various options and rates based on the length of time you agree to. This rate during the recruitment testing period, Transportation Resources calculates mark-up on pay rate based on applicable taxes, Worker’s Compensation Insurance costs, accounting, overhead, ACA fees and advertising/recruiting costs to provide the most qualified driver. If your organization chooses to hire our driver away from Transportation Resources, a pre-determined fee will be charged to your organization.